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Tamiami Youth Baseball Association Joins USSSA Baseball.....What does this mean for the FPBL?

Left to right: Raul Estrada Jr, Mr. Estrada, Humberto Bencomo and Gaspar Palmer

December 6,2011
For Immediate Release
Gaspar Palmer
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Tamiami Youth  Baseball Assoc.
Joins USSSA Baseball
Pembroke Pines, Florida- Dec. 6th, 2011 - One of the oldest and best managed Youth Baseball League in South Florida has joined the USSSA Baseball family.

Tamiami's logo

The Tamiami Youth Baseball Association was founded in 1955 as the Tropical Khoury League, located at the original Tropical Park.  In 1970 when it moved to its present home at Tamiami Park in West Miami-Dade County Florida, the name was officially changed to Tamiami Youth Baseball Association.


Over the years, Tamiami has become nationally recognized for its top tier teams.  In the past ten-years alone, Tamiami teams have made it to thirteen PONY Baseball World Series, winning five of them. Tamiami teams have also won numerous championships at Cooperstown Dreams Park and at USSSA national tournaments.

The success of the Tamiami Youth Baseball Association can be attributed to the more than 400 volunteer coaches and league officials that assist the league every year.  However, two individuals have been key to the consistency, growth and success the league has today. Raul Estrada, League President and Humberto Bencomo, League Commissioner.


Raul Estrada has been a part of Tamiami Youth baseball Association for 38-years, starting as a coach in 1973. Throughout the years, Mr. Estrada has held numerous responsibilities including Assistant Commissioner, Chief Umpire, League Commissioner and since 2000, League President.  Under his watch, Tamiami Youth Baseball Association has grown to have more than 120-teams in its upcoming 2012 season.


Humberto Bencomo, League Commissioner, started his involvement at Tamiami in 1986 as a player. In 1996 he began his coaching career which has included winning two PONY Baseball World Series titles and six Cooperstown Dreams Park Championships.  In 1999 Mr. Bencomo became an Assistant Commissioner and in 2008 became League Commissioner.



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